Three easy steps to make Robo work



1. Build the robot 

Children can build the robot by simply snapping the blocks together.  The cubes’ colors relate to their function: red are sensors, blue are motors, orange - the main controller, and so on. The most advanced set comes with a digital camera, a line follower and an infrared sensor.



2. Get the app and start coding

The Robo app, which works on iOS and Android on both smartphone and tablets, recognizes how the components of the robot are assembled, and suggests possible functions. The child needs to select some actions via corresponding symbols and drag and drop them to make a sequence.  


3. Get creative!

The robot connects to the app via Bluetooth or Wifi. This means that children will remotely control their robot from the app. They will be able to make the robot drive around, record and play sounds, take pictures, solve mazez and many more. For inspiration, they can check out a booklet with possible actions.  


Want to easily control your creation?

Programming app coming soon!

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