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Meet Robo Wunderkind

A running alarm clock, a flashlight, or your best friend - there’s an endless amount of projects that can be easily created with our robotics kits. Even 5 year old kids can build and program their creations in minutes. Learning while having fun!

  • For 5-13 year old kids and their parents
  • Fun, safe, and easy to build 
  • Teaches the basics of programming and robotics
  • Customizable with LEGO

How it works

Children can build the robot by simply snapping the blocks together. The cubes’ colors relate to their function: red are sensors, blue are motors, orange - the main controller, and so on. 

The Robo app, which works on iOS and Android devices, recognizes how the components of the robot are assembled, and suggests possible functions. The child needs to select some actions via corresponding symbols and drag and drop them to make a sequence.  


14 different modules

So what can you build?

Only 97 robotics kits left



Robo Wunderkind Starter Kit

 $ 199

  • 8 modules: System module, Connector module, Motors, Servo, RGB light, Button, Proximity Sensor
  • 3 wheels, 8 connectors, 4 Lego adapters
  • Low Price Guarantee, free Project Book


Robo Wunderkind  Advanced Kit

$ 349

  • 14 modules: The Starter Kit modules + Light Sensor, Meteo Sensor and LED display
  • 3 wheels, 15 connectors, 8 Lego adapters
  • Low Price Guarantee, free Project Book 

Robo Wunderkind Professional Kit

$ 699

  • 24 modules: The Advanced Kit modules + Line Follower, IR blaster, Camera
  • 6 wheels, 27 connectors, 12 Lego adapters
  • Low Price Guarantee, free Project Book

Hannah Hartman   2nd Grade Teacher

"I know, as a teacher, that my students learn best in a hands on way. I can't think of a better thing to support, than Robo, where students are having fun but they are learning "

Allan Green   Parent

"I didn't think this could be so much fun, not only for 5-year-olds but also for me."

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Q: Why should I pre-order now?

You will be the first to get our robotics kits at the lowest price, with a free project book and two free apps. Not only that, you’ll also be entered into our draw to win one of two upgrades to Robo Wunderkind Professional Kit. 

Q: Can Robo Wunderkind be used in the classroom?

Yes, we already have pre-orders from more 50 schools in 16 countries.

Q: Can I upgrade to a more advanced kit later?

Yes, you can upgrade anytime. If you want to do this, please send us an email on

Q: When will the first kits arrive?

In August 2017.

Q: What if I change my mind about the pre-order?

No problem! Just send us an email, our utmost priority is to keep our customers satisfied.

Q: How long is the warranty?

1 year.