Robo Wunderkind
Professional Kit

Our Professional Kit has probably everything you can dream of as a child. Set off on a treasure hunt using its digital camera, explore the world of infrared signals, and have tons of fun along the way!

We believe that children have the most powerful ideas to change our world for the better. By playing with Robo Wunderkind, they will learn the skills they need to actually make it happen.

System module
4x DC Motors
Proximity Sensor
2x Servo Motors
4x Connector Cubes
2x Buttons
LED Display
Temperature Sensor
Line Follower
IR Blaster & Receiver
RGB Light
Light sensor
Motion Detector
4x Wheels
12x Lego™ adapters
2x Small wheels
23x Connectors
4x Wired Connectors
Freeze Game
More kids dance to a song played by the robot until it stops at a random time. At that moment, the motion trigger goes on and if a child doesn't manage to stay still for some seconds, the robot makes a sound in his direction and he loses.
Line Follower
The robot can easily follow a dark line on the floor. Kids can also create “gaps” and program the robot to stay on track and find his way back, even if the line is interrupted.
Room Guardian
Kids can build their own room guaridan. When someone enters their room, the robot senses movement and starts video recording or takes pictures. It will also send kids a notification to the tablet so that they can start live streaming.
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