Spring Into our Robotics Sale

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Build something new this spring!

A running alarm clock, a flashlight, or your best friend - there’s an endless amount of projects that can be easily created with our robotics kits. Even 5 year old kids can build and program their creations in minutes. Give them the tools to plant their new worlds!

  • For 5-13 year old kids and their parents
  • Fun, safe, and easy to build 
  • Teaches the basics of programming and robotics
  • Customizable with LEGO

Our Limited Spring Sale

Order a robotics kit this month and receive 15% off for all our robotics kits.  Get your robot now and see your kid's dreams grow!

Starter Kit -  $ 199

  • 9 modules, connectors, wheels, and LEGO adaptors
  • free projects book
  • 15% off with ROBO15

Hannah Hartman   2nd Grade Teacher

"I know, as a teacher, that my students learn best in a hands on way. I can't think of a better thing to support, than Robo, where students are having fun but they are learning "

Allan Green   Parent

 "I didn't think that this could be so much fun, not only for 5-year-olds but also for me."
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