School season has now started in every corner of the world, and while many kids usually can’t wait for it, some are really struggling to adjust and bring themselves to study and learn. This becomes a big struggle for parents, who are constantly thinking how to inspire and motivate the love of learning in their children. Of course, each child is different and needs to be approached in a different way about it, but some ways to foster a love of learning are still universal and could be of a great use for every parent in order to raise a lifelong learner. In this blog post, we are going to discuss ways of how to promote and inspire the passion for studying, learning and exploring in children of all ages.

RW 5 Ways Th 300x178 - 5 Ways to Inspire The Love For Learning in Kids

1. Show them that it is OK not to know something and there is always an opportunity to learn.

Very often, people of all ages tend to be afraid to admit not knowing something, which results in losing motivation to actually learn this thing. From the very young age, kids should be inspired to ask questions and explore, they should be taught that learning is an ongoing process and that there’s a chance to learn something new from every single thing surrounding us.

2. Explore together.

An amazing way to foster the love of learning in kids is to join them in searching for answers and new discoveries together. Not only it is a fun and a wonderful family activity, but also a great way to show youngsters that you’re a learner too: even adults don’t know everything, but they still are not afraid to learn and explore every possible thing as if they were children.

3. Give kids the freedom to choose what they really like.

You don’t have to allow kids to do whatever they want to extreme extents, as well as you also don’t need to push them to do what you, as an adult, want them to learn and practice. Your child likes to dance? Then ask her if she wants to join a dance club. Chances are, she will still prefer to dance at home. Give children the freedom to decide on what’s really close to their hearts and you will see the real passion and desire to learn that starts to grow in their eyes. And maybe, just maybe, the young dance lover will continue pursuing her hobby in a dance club after this 🙂

4. Show children something exciting in the real life.

Reading books and searching on the Internet are definitely two quick and easy ways to learn something new every day, but are they memorable and impressive enough? For a second, compare them to doing an experiment, practicing play-based learning or any other hands-on activities, and you will instantly see why doing something that brings learning to the real life can motivate kids to love it much better.

5. Be there for your child and show them a genuine interest in what they’re learning.

Finally, an obvious advice which is probably the most important one: show kids your support in what they are trying to achieve and find out, and let them know that you are truly interested to know what they have learned. Ask questions, give some encouragement, find out their challenges and salute their progress. You will instantly realize how inspired they are to continue learning when they see you’re rooting for them.

What other tips for fostering the love of learning in children do you have? How do you keep them motivated and open to discoveries? Please share your thoughts in the comment section, we would love to hear them!