No one does story-telling quite like Robo. You can create any fantasy world if you’re creative enough. Get inspired by our latest project.

Playing with Robo Wunderkind is best done through story-telling. Children bring Robo to Toy Town, cross the road safely, save a princess… Those are just a few of our ideas. But any user of Robo Wunderkind – whether a child or a parent – can create a story of their own. Make your playtime extra special and invent a Robo story of your own. Here’s a piece of inspiration you can use.


All you need for a Robo Wunderkind project is some colored paper, markers, Robo Wunderkind modules and lots of imagination. And you’re good to go!

Screenshot 2019 03 29 at 16.28.10 - Build your fantasy world with Robo

In this project, we had two Robos meet and have a chat.

Screenshot 2019 03 29 at 16.27.56 - Build your fantasy world with Robo

What were they saying? That’s on you to decide!



What do you think? Tell us in the comments below, and share with us what you created yourselves.