Robo Wunderkind

Education Kit


Ready for some more? Education Kit is the perfect addition to any kids – or classroom. With the added distance sensor, the builds become more functional and versatile, allowing the young explorers to easily grasp complex coding concepts like triggers, routines and conditionals. Build with your hands, apply your imagination to create Robo’s next task and use your brain muscle to make it work. Robo Wunderkind is the perfect combo of STEAM and fun, created by educators, engineers and designers for the endless hours of engaging play.

System Module
Proximity Sensor
Servo Motor
Connector Cube
RGB Light
2x DC Motors
2x Big Wheel
4x Lego™ adapters
Small Wheel
6x Connectors
Wired Connector
Obstacle Avoider
With the proximity module, kids will be able to program the robot to drive around while avoiding obstacles. With the help of the servo cube, the robot can detect objects not only in front of it but all around as well.
Running alarm clock
Kids can program their own alarm clock that will wake them up with a custom sound. The robot can also be programmed to start moving through the room, so kids have to get up and catch it.
Kids can use the button as a trigger to any action they want for their robot to perform. One example is creating their own flashlight. They can also change the color of the led or program a sound when the button in pressed.
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