Inspire your students with Robo Wunderkind
Boost creativity and the love
of learning with robots.
Robo Wunderkind is a modular programmable robotics kit that
supports learning and development of primary school students.

Designed for and tested with 6-12 years old children.

Advanced reading comprehension is not necessary

Teaches the basics of coding and robotics

Free curriculum is included for teachers on coding and robotics

Develops cognitive and metacognitive skills

Keeps kids engaged and interested in the learning process

Robo Wunderkind makes
hands-on learning time seem like play-time.
Kids can use Robo Wunderkind in group activities that require them to learn about their new robots together and agree on ways to build their new robot.
Nonverbal Learning
Everything related to Robo Wunderkind is language independent. We use pictures and non-verbal instructions to guide the learning process.
Fine Motor Skills
There are different sized pieces and blocks with Robo Wunderkind. Naturally, kids have to focus and refine their motor skills when they build their robot.
Cognitive Skills
Robo Wunderkind’s intuitive, kid-friendly apps teach students to code while actively developing working memory, judgment and evaluation skills, reasoning, and attention span.
Metacognitive Skills
With Robo Wunderkind, kids learn to plan and analyze during building and programming process. They also learn to problem solve when coding their robots.
Physical Skills
Robots built with Robo Wunderkind can move and drive! This means that the playtime is active and that kids are moving around a lot with their robots.
Kids are extremely creative, and educators have a responsibility to help foster that creativity. Robo Wunderkind allows kids to be completely themselves and build the robot of their dreams.
Digital Literacy
Our future generations need a head start on digital literacy. As kids explore Robo Wunderkind, they learn more about technology and digital communication.


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Robo Group
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$ 1994
Robo School
5 x Starter Kits
5 x Advanced Kits
5 x Professional Kits
$ 6235
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