Firmware update


1. Download the update.bin.
2. Plug the Robo to your computer via USB.
3. Open the Robo Code app on your mobile device.
4. Connect to your Robo via Bluetooth in the App.
5. Open the side menu (top left corner), click on the gear wheel in the bottom left corner and then click on “Update via USB”.
6. Follow the instructions on your mobile device.
7. Get your freshly updated Robo.

! Important information !

The update process can take up to 5 minutes.
Don’t unplug the Robo and don’t close the app during the update process.
It can damage the system.


What’s new in the latest firmware release:

– Improvement of drive action: preventing the Robo from driving a curve instead of straight.
– Improving motor functions at low speed.
– Sound preview: user can tab on the sound in the programming screen and Robo plays the sound right away.
– Sound recording: user can record sound samples, they will be transferred to the Robo and stay there until deleted.
– BLE connection/disconnection sounds: Robo makes a sound when a connection to the tablet is established or lost.
– Update over WiFi integrated.
– Update functionality improved also for update over USB.
– Random turn action: user can set two angles within the Robo should turn.
– Time slider in pause action.
– Random LED color for both LED actions.
– Endless LED lifetime bug fix.
– Servo lifetime bug fix.


Current FW version: 1.0.0