Robo Wunderkind
Upgrade Starter to Advanced kit

Please note: this product requires having a Starter Kit.

Upgrade your coding and robotics skills with the brand new modules! Program your robots to guard your room with the help of the Motion Sensor, draw pictures on your device and show them on your robots via LED Screen, or detect light and its intensity with the Light Sensor. Hours of fun playtime and new inventions guaranteed!

Light Sensor
Motion Sensor
LED Screen
Connector Cube
2x Small Wheels
5x Connectors
4x Lego™ adapters
Examples of projects
Emotional robot
Kids can program their robot to show emotions. These will be displayed on the LED screen, in the form of smiley faces. Also, when specific events occur, the robot can show either a happy face, a sad one, be angry, or even wink.
Light driven robot
The light sensor enables the robot to detect light and perform specific actions when a certain amount of light is detected. For example, the robot can be programmed to move forward once light is shined at its sensor.
Freeze Game
More kids dance to a song played by the robot until it stops at a random time. At that moment, the motion trigger goes on and if a child doesn't manage to stay still for some seconds, the robot makes a sound in his direction and he loses.
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