Meet Robo Wunderkind


Наш блог для юных инженеров и их родителей.
Здесь вы найдете интересные проекты, идеи и истории.
Summer Play with Robo Wunderkind

This summer was sizzling in the Robo office! Not just because of the sweltering Viennese […]

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Learning to Code: What All the Hype is About

How do I best prepare my child for the future? Is there a way to […]

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Toothbrush reinvented with Robo Wunderkind!

Dentists recommend brushing your teeth for two minutes twice per day. Well, good luck explaining […]

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The History of Robots – Use of Robots in Modern Times

This is the second part of our articles about The History of Robots, in which […]

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The History of Robots – Why we need them and what are they used for

In this two-part series of articles, we are going to explore how robots came to […]

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Making friends with a Robo Dragon

Creating an imaginary world has never been as easy, as it is with Robo Wunderkind […]

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Make the morning routine easier with your new smart alarm clock!

Are you not an early bird when it comes to getting up in the morning? […]

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Cool yourself down on a hot day with a Robo Fan!

It’s already summer o’clock! ☀ Days are getting hotter and hotter – imagine if Robo […]

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Building a Robo nightlight together!

Ever thought what robots actually are and what do we need them for? 🤖   Robots […]

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